Sunday, April 26, 2015

Monday Making

I'm getting into a habit.
Posting a Monday Making linky party the DAY BEFORE!
I don't know....
Guess I like being On TIME.
Early is even BETTER!

So friends...what are you making this week???

I'll be knitting.

I fell in love yesterday.

This yarn has EVERYTHING a quilter like me enjoys.
A lot of color....
and even some pattern!!!!

I bought only two skeins
and am DREAMING of owning every color available!!!

I told you.
I'm in LOVE.
Please don't judge.

Link up and let us know what YOU'RE BUSY  WITH this week!

Friday, April 24, 2015


I'm happy to have a finish today!

A quilt is QUILTED...and BOUND!
That's always a GOOD thing.

I'm sending this off to my older daughter.
She works at a small school and they're having a BIG fundraiser next week.
It'll get there just in the NICK of time!!!

This quilt began with that big middle block...
given to me by a fellow quilter.

I added a few borders and called it DONE.

This lovely vintage cotton sheet makes the perfect backing.

This quilt contains
some HAND me DOWNS. 

Isn't THAT the perfect kind of quilt???

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Monday Making

It's almost Monday where I am.
This little linky party is a fun way to share about 
what we're all in the MIDDLE of!

I KNOW we have lots of MIDDLEs going on....
don't we?

Wonder if "being in the MIDDLE of" something
has a better ring to it than
calling our little ongoing projects UFOs?????


I pulled out an "OLD friend" this week.
Another UN-UFO term.

Ms. JUKI (quilting machine)
has been HIGHjacked to the sewing repair man
and I'm a teeny bit frustrated at the back and forth nature of this particular problem.
Every time she returns to me....
there's tension issues after only 5 minutes of sewing!!
I've been told it's the thread cutter that's causing the problem.
Can I LIVE without the thread cutter if it doesn't work anymore??
Will I be able to TRAIN myself to NOT push that thread cutter button
if that's the case???
(I love that thread cutter)
Did I wear Ms. Juki OUT???

She is my little WORK horse!!!
Maybe I just worked her too hard???

Hopefully I"ll find some answers to these questions this week!

I'm sewing patchwork with miss Featherweight.
(She's good friend in time of need)
I'm taking lovely scraps
and turning them into blocks.

Not getting ahead on any deadlines.
Ah well.

Glad I had this OLD friendly project

What are you up to this week???

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Thank you photo

My favorite part of giving a quilt away is...
The THANK YOU photo!!!
It doesn't happen every time.
When it does....
There's rejoicing.

Friday, April 17, 2015


Do you ever sew using fabric you didn't buy...
You don't LOVE?

That's what I did this week.

Batiks never call my name from the aisle as I walk by.
They don't "jump into my cart".  

When fabric is GIFTED to me...

It gets USED!!!

I'm so HAPPY I used this Jelly roll!!!

It's a beautiful quilt that I KNOW someone will LOVE.

I made the blocks using TWO strips of fabric
that I thought would be complimentary.

Often times this block is used with LIGHTS and DARKS.

Here's a little HOW TO.

that has the SAME block (different size)
but I constructed it differently this time.

Use TWO strips of fabric cut 2 1/2" (Width of fabric)

(2 strips will be enough for TWO blocks)

Green fabric - EIGHT 2 1/2" squares (photo has fabric doubled)
FOUR 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" rectangles

Yellow fabric - EIGHT 2 1/2" squares                                      
FOUR 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" rectangles

This is what you need for ONE block.

Make TWO four patches.

Join the four patches
put the YELLOW and GREEN rectangles together as shown.

Put it all together......
just WATCH that color placement.
It can be tricky if your brain is not IN GEAR.
That's IT!

Block should measure 8"x 8"

My jelly roll had 40 strips.
I made 40 blocks...
and needed TWO more to make it lap size (48"x56")
(6 blocks x 7 blocks)
What did I do?
I used the scraps to make two more blocks.
You MIGHT be able to spy one if you look really CLOSE
at the first pictures.

Happy Sewing!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

It's the little things

There were quite a few Things in the last few days
that I put in the
"Happy things"
I often call them simple pleasures.

Life is FULL of them.
It's not the BIG things for me.
IT's the little things that give me GREAT pleasure.

For example....

Cutting tumblers and then...

finishing UP the last row of the quilt!!


Playing with NEW YARN at my daughter's dance class.

Finding this PAPER QUILT at her school in the hallway.
LOVE it!

Teaching a class on HAND piecing
and having all the students complete a little coaster
using 2" squares.

It was a great way to introduce sewing on a small scale.

Getting to spend TIME with my daughter who lives far away.

Spending time with far away family is NOT a little thing...
It's BIG.
IT put a BIG smile on my FACE!!